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Mentorship Program

An event designed to ignite entrepreneurship and innovation through empowering startups and ideas with the required resources from tech, investor networking and support to ensure they get the traction and prospects that'll enable their success.
About Demo Day

About the program

What is Demo Day?

Demo Day is a unique event organized by 24SIX9, AHOY’s startup studio in collaboration with RIT – Rochester Institute of technology. 

This event is open to innovators, students, entrepreneurs, startups, subject-matter expert or investors, among others.

It's the time to unlock the connections, resources and exposure with like-minded people who are excited about the future of business, innovation and technology.

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Entry Criteria
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Present your ideas

Demo Day is an opportunity for startups, established companies, students and investors to meet face-to-face.

Established startups' stories are about their trials, tribulations, and their path to success. This is your chance to peek behind the curtain of organizations, companies, entrepreneurs and brands that are on the cusp of changing lives and upending the status quo

New startups will be given the opportunity to pitch their ideas to the audience, showcase their latest innovation and receive feedback from experts. This way, they will get exposure to the entire ecosystem where they can exchange ideas with fellow entrepreneurs and corporate leaders in an environment conducive for learning, knowledge sharing and networking.

Entry Criteria

Get expert advice

Expert advice will be shared and made available on a range of professional topics, including finance and investment, legal issues, recruitment and culture, marketing and media, and much more.

The purpose is to get all the components of the startup ecosystem to come together and collaborate in order to ensure that those projects get traction.

Demo Day

Demo Day's main goal is to spread innovation among startups and help them succeed.


Find a Mentor

The first edition of Demo Day will take place on November 29th 2022.

Depending on your interest, you can register to pitch as a startup or as an attendee, physical or virtual.

Fill the form below that describes you best.

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