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Envisioned by you. Powered by us. Expedited by both.

Empowering startups with the required investor networking support to ensure you get the traction and prospects that make it desirable to invest in your brainchild. 
About 24SIX9

About the program

What is 24SIX9?

24SIX9 is here to democratize access to success for everyone with a great idea and ability, truly enabling social and mankind mobility. 


AHOY's startup studio is designed to support and nurture a new generation of unicorns seeking to add real value and precipitate change by enabling innovation and entrepreneurship in an unprecedented manner 


This singular startup studio has been geared to establish an ecosystem that fosters novel tech-powered startups from A to Z with the goal of effecting change not only regionally but across the globe. 

Entry Criteria
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Entry criteria

Each program has specific requirements, but generally teams that are chosen fit the profile below.  

The main focus is on true innovative solutions, not repetitions or enhancements on existing models.

Deeply technical, preferably leveraging technologies like Machine Learning and AI.

Building a scalable product or service with a significant total addressable market and defensible growth model.


Benefits of the program

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One-of-a-kind infrastructure provider

A true enterprise grade infrastructure to ensure efficient movement 

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Plug & Play Tech Stack 

Ready-made yet easy-to-use tech solutions, so you can focus on your vision 

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Take advantage of the most advanced technology to optimize your productivity 


Let's build the future together


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